Ever asked yourself this question: what type of betting punter am I? If you are making a good living from betting the answer is a good one. However, we need to point out that most punters lose, and if they didn’t there wouldn’t be any bookmakers! 

The issue with gambling starts when someone is losing more than they can afford. If gambling is taking over your life, it’s time to get professional help. Hanging around betting shops all day, or betting on anything and everything are signs you have a gambling problem. If you are out of control, don’t be afraid to get in touch with Gambler anonymous

With all that said, plenty of punters make a steady living from gambling. And, while only the very best make the big money, anyone with half a brain can turn the odds into their favour! Find out what type of betting punter you are:


The founder and owner of the world’s biggest bookmaker (Bet365), Denise Coates, made billions from betting. The British Billionaire is said to be worth $12 billion, and her annual salary is worth around $300 million. Suffice to say, this money was made from fleecing losing gamblers. Betting and gaming is a multi-billion dollar business, and that’s because the majority of punters are losers!

However, the majority doesn’t mean all punters are losing, because on the other side of the coin big gambling syndicates make millions from betting. From our research, we estimate, about 2 punters in every thousand make betting pay. We would breakdown as following:


95% of punters lose money to bookmakers, and around 75% of them are leisure players who bet for a bit of fun. If that’s the situation no harm was done, but unfortunately, that statement doesn’t apply to everyone. Research studies suggest problem gambling affects an estimated 7.7 to 34.9 percent, with a median of 15.5 percent. For pathological gamblers, the estimates ranged from 1.2 percent to 11.2 percent, with a median of 5.0 percent. 

Our research suggests around 4.8% of gamblers are capable of holding their own. Of these, a few will win a little, but overall this group is best described as nondescript. The biggest issue with the ‘’so near but so far’’ group is  they often invest a lot of time and effort without getting any real reward. 

At the top end of the scale is the 0.2% of punters who can be filed under ‘’beating the bookmakers’’  To varying degrees they make a good income stream from gambling, and for some, the rewards are very high. If you don’t already know some betting syndicates are winning 10’s million each year, and they are the bookie’s enemy number one!



If you are one of those who believes bookmakers always win, go do something else. If only it was that easy, bookmakers wouldn’t need risk managers or to ban people from betting with them! The fact is many people carve out a living from betting, and anyone willing to do things right can beat bookmakers at their own game. 

If you are looking for an incentive, here are two advantages that punters enjoy over the bookmaker:

1. Bookies make odds for all sporting events, you as the punter do not have to bet on everything! If you know what you are doing and have full control of your emotions, it’s easy to find advantageous betting opportunities!

2. Competition amongst bookmakers is massive which in turn creates favourable odds discrepancies! With a little self-efficiency, it’s easy to find high-value odds and arbitrage opportunities.


We thought it would be a good idea to give a summary of the different types of gamblers. It will help you identify your level, and if necessary get you to do something about it:

Majority of punters:

+ 95% of gamblers are losers who lack ambition. In reality, they are unlikely to turn things around, and nor do they expect to!

+ The majority bet for a bit of fun. Maybe a weekend bet on the football or a multiple bet on the horse racing. The same people buy lottery tickets because for them it’s all a game of chance!

+ Most punters don’t understand betting odds. While some might understand how much they will win if successful, they wouldn’t be capable of evaluating chance and converting to odds!

+ The more desperate ones will be chasing glory and bet anything and everything. If you belong to the group of compulsive or addicted gamblers get help, and start by self-excluding.

+ The typical leisure punter will look for betting tips. They believe TV pundits are in the know, and they are betting without any research or homework.

+ Don’t have the time – To be fair most will be working for a real living and just betting as a hobby. Bookmakers need them, and so do pro gamblers.

4.8% who can hold themselves:

+ The potential is there because they have a feel for the game. However, chances are they are still coming up short, and they will need to go the extra mile for betting success!

+ Time – balance – reward. In an ideal world, the 4.8% need to do a reality check. If they have a big income from other stuff, they should concentrate on that. If not, it’s time to raise the bar! 

+ Believe what they read with regards to guidance, and are likely to be too rigid. Professional gambling doesn’t have a blueprint for success, everyone is different and that needs to be considered!

+ Those not willing to invest in their future have no chance. Tools, learning, coaching, and tweaking can make a very big difference to the bottom line!

+ Haven’t found the right niche, potential professional gamblers need  reverse engineer performance and find what suits them best. Maybe one or more of these could pay dividends:

  • Pro betting – Understand the maths behind betting, and full of self-belief.
  • Proximity test – you can get others to provide profitable bets and take advantage.
  • In-Play – Can you read body language, and visualise what will happen next?
  • Value betting –  Mopping up the over-odds. Using other bookie sites to guide and have loads of accounts.
  • Arbitrage – Full-time job looking for bookmaker mistakes – few tools needed.

Professional gamblers who fit into 0.199%:

+ Might be arbitraging. For sure they are value hunting and finding betting opportunities. Also, buying-in information/tips/tools & systems help them beat the bookmaker. 

+ Trading – Placing bets early, and then selling them off for lower odds. Or, using betting exchanges to lay a bet, then buying it back at some stage before the start.

+ Might not fully understand the maths behind sports modeling but are asking the right questions and are willing to invest in building better infrastructure.

+ For sure got suitable betting accounts in place. For some that will mean building a network of gnome (3rd party) accounts, or using Asians, exchanges, shops to get on!

+ Relentless – This is their job, and they have a strong work ethic and probably work with others. The secret to successful gambling is to keep learning and find ways to beat the system.

You would have noticed we skimmed 0.2% to 0.199% because we need to leave the 1/100,000 (0.001%) to the elite. The reason the above won’t make that level could be:

+ Content – Maybe they are happy with what they have. Many are making six figures, and some are even getting close to the million per year. However, they are not quite in the elite group.

+ One day – They could be building and progressing. The first thing is getting everything in place, and having the financial resources to fully exploit the situation.

+ Networking/structuring – When it becomes a big-money game, you need more than just betting knowledge. Finding the right support isn’t easy, and without it, the 10’s or 100’s of millions are out of reach.

The Elite (0.001%) – They know how to exploit the situation:

+ Organisation – They team-up/employ betting professionals. Without a reliable organisation, this level isn’t going to be reached.

+ The maths – algorithms/sports-modelling are in place. They have all the information tools and quantitative/qualitative analysts building the systems to beat the bookmakers.

+ Legal structure – When you are making the big money, a legal paper trail needs to be set-up. This is a business, and it needs to be done from the right place at the right time!

+ Financial resources – When creating 100’s or 1000’s betting outlets, that’s a lot of money on the road. Suffice to say, deep pockets are needed, and everything needs to be in place.

Many high end betting professionals are located in the UK. A couple worth mentioning are Tony ‘’Lizard’’ Bloom, and Matthew Benham. Individually they own Sports-betting consultancies StartLizard (Bloom), and Smartodds (Benham). Bloom used profits from gambling to acquire Brighton football club, he also owns a betting companies and invests in property. Benham is the owner of the Matchbook betting exchange, and 3et (Asian facing betting broker platform). He’s also the person behind football clubs Brentford and Danish champions Midtjylland.


As long term professional gamblers we would like to believe we understand the betting business. We are serious gamblers who know how to beat the system, and we offer to coach those wanting to make a living from betting. If you fit into the 4.999% mentioned above and you want to take it further, get in touch! 

PS – To qualify for our professional coaching you will need to tick the boxes below:


Time – Professional gambling isn’t a one hour a day thing!

Understand betting is about getting the odds in your favour.

It’s a long term game. If you don’t have control, no chance!

Betting bank in place – need enough money to fund multiple accounts.

Betting accounts with soft bookies/low exchange commission/agents.

Resources – betting information, tools, knowledge.

Self-belief/commitment – I can do this mentality speaking!

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