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Cookies are files saved on your computer’s hard drive when visiting websites. They contain small amounts of information which are stored on your computer and other devices which use the internet. The information gathered is sent back to the originating website with information regarding your visit.

Cookies do not identify you personally, they are simply intended to report and store your browsing patterns. By using cookies Betting-Analyst can better understand customer preference better, and with this knowledge we improve user experience.


Allowing users to log in to their account. Save user name and passwords on chosen devices.

  • Identifying  preferences that were selected on previous visits. 
  • Session Management to make navigation easier. 
  • Preferences such has languages, payments and other settings.
  • Monitor location of visitor, helps with identifying account abuse.
  • Tracking helps us identify how users found us.
  • Analytics which tell us location and activity of the end user.

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You can delete cookies and alter your browser’s setting at any time. To do so you will need to understand your browser and follow the process. You can also disable cookies, but  that might have an adverse affect on your user experience. Furthermore, you might be limited to accessing certain parts of the website.


Betting-analyst is fully committed to safeguarding your personal data. You can rest assured we will never pass this information on to third parties unless we are ordered to do so by the law. 

Your personal data will be kept while you have an account on the site. If you ask to close the account you accept that we are entitled to hold your data for up to six years. 

You are entitled to access information held about you on request has exercised under EU data protection law. To do this you will need to contact us by e-mail.

At the time of registering you will be asked to fill in a form containing your name, country of residence and confirmation that you are at least 18 years old. Please note, anyone under the age of 18 won’t be allowed to register.

Betting-analyst might also receive Personal Data from commercial partners who must guarantee that they are permitted to transfer such data to us.

Any changes we make to our privacy policy will be posted on our site and subscribers will be informed by e-mail.


Betting-Analyst shall not under any circumstance be held accountable or liable for any damages or losses deemed to have arisen from the website. Nor do we take responsibility for accuracy of information supplied on our website or other communication channels. 

While betting-analyst endeavours to do everything in a proper and correct manner, we cannot guarantee accuracy of any information or content supplied on the site. Furthermore, by registering or using our website you are agreeing to indemnify Betting-analyst of all liability. This includes but is not limited to loss of business, loss of opportunity, loss of monies, loss of revenue, loss of data, loss of goodwill and/or reputation.

Betting-Analyst does not accept liability for connection with our website. This includes errors, omissions in content, down time, delays, interruptions or communication failures. We do not take responsibility for any financial losses, incorrect results, false odds or lines, and anything else that can go wrong with our site or services.

Under no circumstances can Betting-analyst be held liable for non delivery of e-mails, SMS, or any other means of receiving notifications. It is the users responsibility to let us know if they find something wrong.

Betting-Analyst cannot be held responsible for third party feeds or content. Where the website contains hyperlinks/banners to third party sites and resources, these links are provided for information purpose only. Betting-analyst is not responsible when a poster adds inappropriate content or links, but we will endeavour to stop such practice when informed.

The information and material on the Website is provided “as is”, without any conditions, warranties or other terms of any kind. However, we endeavour to offer a fair and professional service and if notified we will attempt to resolve any issues.

Betting-analyst reserve the right to delete any user account without giving reason.


By registering for a user account with, you are agreeing to our Terms and conditions. To sign up to any part of the betting-analyst website you will need to complete and submit the registration form. This will require your full name, country of residence, confirmation that you have reached legal age (minimum 18), and you are agreeing to our terms of service.


By purchasing tips/picks you are agreeing to bide by our terms of service, these include:

  • No right of withdrawal, meaning no refunds or changing to another tipster is possible. The only exception to this is if the minimum number of picks haven’t been reached during the specified time frame. Or, if we terminate the tipster during the term of your subscription. Please note, under no circumstances will refunds be made to members of our buffet service (multiple tipsters), and you accept we are allowed to add and remove tipsters has we decide.!
  • You agree that by joining your account details and log-in are unique to yourself, and they are not to be shared with anyone else. It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of these details. And, if for any reason you feel they have been compromised, you are responsible for reporting this security issue to us without delay.
  • We retain the right to refuse services to anyone we choose without giving any reason or explanation. Decisions are final and we will not enter correspondence with anyone in this matter.
  • By purchasing tips/picks you are agreeing that these are for your own legal use, and you are not selling/passing them on to third parties or posting on other websites. Anyone found in violation will have their account terminated and no refund will be issued. 
  • Anyone making threats, being abusive, malicious or violent will have their user account terminated. When appropriate we will take necessary action and report any offences to the local judiciary/authorities.
  • You agree not to make any chargebacks or cancel any payments once a service has started. 
  • The subscriber is responsible for understanding laws in their country of residence. We cannot be held responsible for anyone contravening local law, and we cannot be expected to advise people of their rights in this regard.


If you believe you have what it takes to be a long term profitable tipster you can test your skills by adding your picks to the free section of our website. Please note we expect a very high standard, and the number of tipsters will be limited. Furthermore, you accept that we have the right to terminate accounts deemed to be of no benefit to our users.

To place picks in our free or other sections, you will agree and be bound by the following.

  • No Spamming or adding links to other sites. Anyone found to be in contravention will have their account terminated and be banned from re-registering.
  • No adding e-mail addresses or asking people to contact you directly.
  • No using betting-analyst for advertising purposes, such has promoting products,services or commercial activities of others.
  • No adding content that is available on other websites. i.e. that infringes or violates any third party’s intellectual property rights. We are not liable for any judicial claim concerning content. 
  • No adding disrespectful or hurtful comments. This includes but is not limited to racism, xenophobia, sexism, terrorism, hate speech or any defamatory remarks.
  • No copyright infringements. And, no using/selling/reproducing content of the betting-analyst site. 
  • No false misrepresentation, or writing anything that suggests you are a partner/employee of betting-analyst.
  • All comments/previews should be in the English language and understandable. 
  • You agree that betting-analyst have the the full right to offer picks you post on our site, and to our social media or mailing list.
  • Anything you add to the site should be legal in law, and please note posters are expected to hold an high moral standard.
  • The user is responsible for their own registered account. Under no circumstances can we be held responsible for comments or performance of any postings on our site.
  • We consider picks useless without a short preview/key points. Therefore, picks won’t be accepted without such information.
  • You may be liable for any breach of the obligations you accepted by visiting betting-analyst website.
  • By uploading content on, you agree we have full rights over such content.
  • To post in this section the minimum required age is 18.


Qualifying tipsters/handicappers might be given the chance to offer their tips to our buffet/Elite sections. However, if we invite a user to post in here, they have the right of refusal and can choose to continue posting in the free section.

As reward for being promoted into the Buffet/Elite section, the user will be rewarded with free access to all buffet/paid tips and become part of our innerer circle. That means you will be privy to our private betting syndicate information.

By posting in the buffet/Elite section, you are agreeing that other buffet/paid users have free access to your picks.

Anyone caught passing picks on to third parties will have their account suspended. All picks offered in our buffet/paid section are subject to copyright law and are strictly confidential.

Betting-analyst reserve the right to return a tipster to the free section, or close their user account without giving any reason.


By using the betting-analyst website or any other service provided by us, you are agreeing to accept all our terms and conditions. While we endeavour to notify users of any changes to our terms and conditions, it remains the users responsibility to understand and stay informed.


Content on this Website is protected by Copyright.

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