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If you are ready to take your betting to the next level, share our operation costs and get on board with our premium betting tips! We currently offer Betting-analyst syndicate football picks for 18 top leagues & other International competitions. Those interested in high-value tennis picks can join our WTA Elite tips service, and for US sports we have the best NFL and NBA handicappers. Last but by no means least, our horse-racing service must be the best on the market. Over the past four years, we have achieved more than a 17% ROI for UK, Irish, and French racing. Furthermore, all odds are readily available, and we limit the number of subscribers so everyone can get on!

For the record, the close-knit team behind Betting-analyst consists of bookmakers, data analysts, quantitative analysts, technologists, researchers, and high-end betting professionals. We have been beating bookmakers for the best part of twenty years, and we are continually investing in sports-modelling to stay ahead of the game.


Football betting service


Want to learn how to beat the bookies and profit from betting? If you are serious about winning, our one-on-one professional coaching will help you succeed. We have taught people to win millions from bookmakers, and our service is available to all levels. Whether you are a beginner or a highly efficient betting syndicate, we are here to help. When you are ready to take your betting to the next level, get in touch for terms –


JOB OFFERS (London only)

DATA SCIENTIST (Filled) to join an established team. Responsibilities: Analysis of existing models – Evaluating data – Setup databases – Develop & deploy models for pre-match and in-play betting. The minimum requirement is an MSc in a mathematical discipline.

COMMISSION AGENTS WANTED. If you are experienced and can supply industry references. We are looking for (shop only) bet placers. Also, if you are a betting syndicate that can get us on £xxxx per race (shop only), let’s do a deal.

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Quality maximum bets – This service is only available to big-hitting professional gamblers, or betting syndicates. All betting advice is given first hand, meaning partners get the best market odds. We are also interested in exchanging betting information with other known/proven betting syndicates. To discuss in more detail, we ask principals only to get in touch. No dreamers or time wasters, please! 


Premium Sports Betting Tips


£150/ MO
The 2021 WTA season is well underway and producing sparkling results. On top of that, we have increased the number of picks, meaning more profits. Unlike with other advisory services, our tennis betting professionals are proven over many years! And, we continue to specialise in WTA because it is less predictable. Consequently, bookmakers get it wrong, and we profit from high-value odds. Subscription deals include a full month of WTA picks to just £150, or the season price from now to December is £400. Get in touch,


Ready to share our costs? Join Football betting syndicate service and get all our football tips for a fraction of the cost price. We have been beating the bookmakers for the past twenty years, and so can you! The football service provides subscribers with 80 -150 football betting tips per month at Asian odds. We only bet top leagues, so everyone can get on!! The price for all football picks (individuals only - Syndicates pay more) is just £200 per month or a heavily discounted £1500 for a whole year. To get started, contact


Proven & Profitable US sports betting service. If you are interested in NFL - NBA - MLB we have sourced some of the best handicappers in the industry. Take note, this service doesn’t usually include game previews, and most of the picks are sent late in the European evening. If you have access to the right betting accounts, we can provide top picks. Get in touch for pricing details, they vary according to season and requirements. For enquiries,


£150/ MO
Simply the best! We offer the most knowledgeable racing service on the net. Our five year ROI is well over 17%, and our rare max picks average an ROI of 120%. We deliberately keep the number of subscribers small, meaning everyone can get on. All odds are easy to get, so those getting BOG are doing better again. We are sending out between 120-160 tips per month. If racing is your thing, all our picks are available for just £150 per month or £1500 per year! -

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Football betting service

As a leading football betting syndicate, our emphasis is on high liquidity football leagues. We currently cover:

  • England Premier
  • Italy Serie A
  • Spain La Liga
  • German Bundesliga
  • France Ligue-1
  • Dutch Eredivisie
  • European Championships
  • Champions League
  • Europa League
  • England Championship
  • Swiss Super League
  • Belgium Jupiler
  • Norway Elite
  • Finland Veikkausliga
  • Sweden Allsvenskan
  • MLS
  • China Super League
  • ...and some cup games


We have always found WTA tennis betting to be highly profitable. Player inconsistencies associated with this sport are a good thing because they create loads of high-value betting opportunities. Our US sports betting service includes the NBA and NFL, and we expect to make around 8% ROI.

Horse-racing betting service

We consider our racing service to be the best on the market. If you can get on, we have been hitting over 17% ROI for the past four years. With an average 120-150 picks per month, that’s massive profits at easy to get odds. NB, we are careful who we accept in to our racing club because we don’t want to kill the odds. Our racing subscribers have been making big money from our picks, so why wait?


If you have the time and money, we can supply the ammunition to beat the bookmaker. The odds we use are readily available, meaning it’s possible to squeeze even more juice out of these bets!


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