learn how to win at race betting

Have you ever dreamed of beating the bookmakers at their own game? With our one-on-one coaching course, you too can learn how to win at race betting;

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Below you will find outline details of the course. You will gain a good understanding and the procedure for becoming a sharper gambler. If you have any questions, drop a message at the address below.


As a former on-course bookmaker and professional gambler, I know what it is like to sit on both sides of the fence. I have been beating the bookmakers for the past 30 years, and so can you!

My experience in the Betting & Gaming industry ranges from bookmaker to data provider. Sandwiched in between are a professional gambler, betting syndicate leader, gaming consultant, and company investor. I have been a lead speaker at gaming conferences, and I was once the youngest person in the UK to be granted a betting license. 

On behalf of clients, I obtained the first gaming licenses in both Gibraltar and Malta. I advised gaming startups that later became major gaming operators and consulted more established companies on investments, software, acquisitions, takeovers, implementing strategy, and marketing. 

I am also the founder and majority shareholder of a data analyst company. Without wanting to sound my own trumpet, it is fair to say I tick the course and distance box!

For me, offering this one-on-one coaching is more of a challenge than anything else. I am certainly not in it for a few quid, but more because I believe there is a fine line between winning & losing. With a bit of work and a lot of discipline, anyone beat the system.  


After signing up, you will receive an exploration mail with a list of questions. The idea is to ascertain your level of understanding before we proceed to the coaching session. What follows is an intensive two hour Skype meeting, in which we advance your knowledge. You receive a follow-up email for reference and receive a month of email support.

The topics we cover in our Skype conversation will depend on the answers received. If you are already making a living from race betting, we will spend time on logistics, strategy, options, and building a network. For those interested in French or US racing, I will show you how to identify value odds. 


Courses target giving maximum value and benefits to our clients. If you want something adding to the list below, let us know. Here is the list of topics with a brief description;

learn how to win at race betting


Read form; You will learn how to identify the best betting races. Analyse the form quickly, and figure out what is a value betting proposition. 

Handicapping/Rating system; You will learn how to rate runners without handicap marks. Find runners who are ahead of the game. Understand what to look for in multipurpose (Flat, hurdles, chase) types. 

Understand weights; There is a lot more to racing weights than you might believe. You will need to know how to put weight into perspective for ground, codes, and distances. 

Ground effect; Extremes of ground will count against some, meaning advantage will favour others. Working out how ground conditions change outcomes is vital.

Track biased; You might have heard the saying horses for courses! Some racetracks are for specialists, but more interesting is understanding expectancy.  

Race distance; Trainers often run horses over the wrong racing distance to get a lower handicap mark. Others are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of bookmakers. Establishing the rights and wrongs will increase your chance of winning!

Draw Biased; It is not as black & white. Draw biased could change for many reasons. The object of the game is to figure out the effect of the draw.

Trainer form; Understanding how to read trainer trends is a must. It is easy to find the well-being of a stable. However, there are factors to consider.

Jockey; A runners profile reveals a lot. You can check how a horse ran for different types of riders in the past. We will show you how to get into the right mindset.

Type of horse; A look through a runners profile is revealing. Did you know some horses prefer giving weight to lower grade horses, and others are vice-versa?

The time between races; Some horses can take a lot of racing, others not. Again, profiles can be revealing. Learn how to win at race betting by understanding the finer detail.

Inconsistencies; Racing is not an exact science, but it is still important to figure out why something happened. You will learn how to find betting value!

learn how to win at race betting


Odds service; Did you know most bookmakers import odds from third-party services. It is one of the reasons they often have the same odds on comparison websites. We will teach you what to do!

Odds manipulation; Bookmakers often try to sell you one! They reduce odds without striking a bet to create a false impression. Crafty punters follow suit and use the cash-out facility to take a profit.

Understand betting-percent (%); Learning some basic maths and understanding how it all works is helpful. You will learn how to read the betting market!

How to bet; Professional gamblers need to camouflage bets. The last thing you want is to flag the enemy. How you place bets is ultra important.

Staking plan; It is not just about the level of stake you want to get on! We have experimented a lot with 1000’s betting accounts, and we will share our findings!

Betting in shops; As a professional racing gambler, it is sometimes wiser to place bets in Betting shops. No names attached, meaning they are more anonymous. We discuss what to expect. 

Multiple betting; Accumulating bookmaker mistakes is positive! If you are finding constant value, going for the jugular now and then could pay big dividends.

Betting Strategy; This will often depend on the number of bets you are finding and the value obtained. We will cover all angles in our one-on-one coaching course.

Which Bookie; Abstracting advantage is the name of the game. Knowing which bookmakers are easier to exploit is the key. We will cover this in more detail with subscribers. 

Betting Exchanges; For those of you simply betting/laying, did you know you could reduce the Betfair commission? We will teach you how to ask for better odds and use other exchanges.

Each-way betting; While we are not the biggest fans of each-way betting, there is a time and place for everything. 

Using Bet Placers; If you are betting big money, getting people to place your horse racing bets could be the answer. We can show you how, and explain the costs of getting others to do the job!

Third-party accounts; It’s a matter of organisation if you don’t want to be detected, and that’s the name of the game. Want to know costs, and how? – This is part of the coaching!

Who is ready to take a leap of faith and learn how to win at race betting? To take advantage of this offer

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