Advice for professional gamblers, build a strong network. 

At some stage, arbers, value-bettors, and pro gamblers will encounter problems. In this video/tutorial, we are going to discuss why it is important to build a strong network. 


Let us be realistic, if you are new in business you won’t get a place at the table with Jeff Bezos! It’s the same in betting, elite professional gamblers won’t carry a novice. 

Nevertheless, we all started somewhere, and the barriers to entry are often set by yourself. 

Take it from me, a strong network is worth its weight in gold! On the journey to becoming a professional gambler, you will need to find and leverage opportunities. Suffice to say, it is easier with people on your side!

Are you ready to step up the ante and become a bigger success?



The first thing we need to discuss is the reasons you need to network. We have broken this down into 8 categories, here you go:

Understanding/ Educational: 

Networking should be educational. I think you will agree, we can all learn from others. Think about it, entrepreneurs are out to find a solution, and it’s the same with professional gamblers. As the saying goes, the more you learn the more you earn!

Get money down:

One of the biggest challenges for professional gamblers is getting money down. As you know, bookmakers don’t like winners, and you will need to find solutions. Having a dependable network can help you circumvent this problem.

Seek betting outlets:

Everyone knows the bookmakers who advertise on odds comparison portals, but what about others? Gaming companies such as 10bet have multiple white labels, and others do the same. Also, while Oddsportal has 60 bookmakers listed, a professional platform such as Betradar has 900. Betting shops, Asian bookmakers, and agents are other alternatives to direct betting.


In the UK we don’t pay income tax on winnings, in other countries you will. Similarly, it is important to make sure you have everything documented, and think about how you can get money into the system. After all, at some stage banks will ask questions, or you might want to take out a mortgage. Consequently, do not underestimate the need to do things right!


My advice for professional gamblers is centred around streamlining and efficiency. Accordingly, it is impossible to do everything yourself, thus it is important to get people on your side. Building a well-balanced team of like-minded people will help with efficiency, which in turn equals success.


The tools and weapons needed for professional gamblers can be costly. In fact, some of the bigger betting syndicates will burn through half a million $ per month. Suffice to say, cost-sharing gives more financial leverage. Rather than make do with 3rd rate tips, poor tools, and bad technology, move up to the next level!

Information resources:

You might have heard the saying, a jack of all trades and master of none. In short, spreading yourself thin doesn’t work! Imagine having a bunch of betting experts covering different sports. If it is shared right, everyone is a winner. Grow your knowledge base, and benefit to the full!

Go global:

It doesn’t matter where you are stuck in the world if you have the right network. If it’s easier to bet in Australia, that’s what you should be doing. If you need Asian betting accounts, it’s wise to network with people who can provide such accounts. From my experience, Malta, Italy, Austria, Georgia, Australia, and New Zealand are ideal for legal purposes. Whereas, UK and Ireland are great for set-up!



What have you got to offer in terms of strengths and weaknesses?  Also, what are you wanting from your partners/network? Figure out your niche, and see where you fit in!

Betting expert:

Someone who can find profitable bets. Are you the one doing the analysing, or is it something you need from your network? At the end of the day, it is about who is supplying the advanced betting knowledge. 

Sports modelling:

This is analytics, maths, and algorithms. Most gaming companies use Sports modelling to price markets, and betting syndicates do the same to find an advantage. As your business grows, scaling becomes the biggest challenge. To be really successful, this is something to confront.

Banking/Money issues:

Do not underestimate banking. This is an area in which I have consulted major gaming companies and big-time syndicates. Let me tell you, moving money around is a big task. Having people who understand the banking system is a must. PS. Bank accounts get closed all the time, work it out!


Are you the person who is going to take charge and run the operation? Putting it all together and guaranteeing a smooth operation is a must, it helps everyone sleep better at night. Someone needs to take this responsibility and delegate it to the team/network.


Finding a good technologist is key. Importing software and tools is a good starting point. However, at the end of the day, having everything in-house is the cherry on the cake. Building systems to crawl bookmaker websites and find betting value will help maximise potential. Putting projects together and sharpening the operation brings success. 

Bet placement:

I can tell you, I haven’t placed a bet in years. Others are better at it, and this skill shouldn’t be underestimated. In betting, every pip counts, so getting someone to take responsibility is a bonus. Furthermore, it’s not just about getting optimum odds, this person needs to be on top of the financials.

Figure out what you offer & need:

These are my ideas of what is needed to build a successful network. Nevertheless, there are more ways to Rome, and I wouldn’t want the aforementioned to be taken as a blueprint. My advice for professional gamblers is to make a plan, and continually seek solutions. 

Info digging:

Finally, digging for information is part of the game. This might be finding out team news, or searching a bookmakers reputation. In fact, finding tools, and beneficial services could be another aspect of exploration. Due diligence into prospective employees and day to day operational stuff is another requirement.  



Give back: 

Networking is not all about you. I can share, if someone hits me up with a request on connecting, I’m not even going to bother with that person. Unfortunately, people are always wanting, but they forget to ask the right question. For the record, ask what you can do for the other person!


Want to talk about pet hate, this is mine! I’m convinced that 99.5% of people are useless at following through. Why answer an e-mail three days later, is it a power play or a bad organisation! When I take on people within my network, I need to know that they will deliver.

Quality better than quantity:

Guys, don’t accept lazy people into your network. Tell those who don’t follow through to go away. When you are networking, make sure it’s with people on the same wavelength. Look for quality rather than quantity. 1000 bad connections are worth nothing, while 10 good connections could be a major success. As a rule, find people who you like and trust. On that note:

Build trust:

Deliver on promises, and make sure you do your part of the deal. To begin with, understand that you can only control what you control. Similarly, remove anyone who is not playing ball, or pulling their weight.  

Bring others together:

To be honest, my network is in place and I can live happily ever after. With that said, when I accept someone into the 1-2-1 coaching, I’m keen to get them connected with other like-minded people. Ordinarily, I like to put others together, and you should never be scared of doing the same!



Look around you:

Think about it, the people you can trust are well known to you. Look around at everyone you dealt with over the years because hopefully trust is already established. While I’m not saying you should partner up with the wife or brother, what about ex-colleagues with a similar outlook.

Use social media: 

If you are an outgoing person, building a presence on social media is the way forward. The cost to get started is zero, and discussing advice for professional gamblers will get the message out! While I’m no expert with social media, the likes of Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Facebook are possibles.

Build a betting blog:

Do not operate a betting website is my advice. The reason, they are time-consuming and abused by others. A simple betting blog should suffice, and no need to dress it up. If done right, the connection benefits will be your reward.

Post about pro betting in forums:

The quickest way to get noticed is in betting forums. It’s an easy way to make a name without cost or commitment. While 90% of the visitors will be trolls or people who don’t have a clue, the others will be interested. If you get one new connection for every 1000 views, it’s a result.

Word of mouth:

Get others spreading the message. You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours is the motto. In places such as Malta, everyone knows everyone, meaning it is easy to get something done. Use the same mentality to grow a strong network. 

Pay it forwards:

When you pay it forwards, reasonable people feel like they owe you a favour. Moreover, being the giver makes people trust in you, and that in turn creates loyalty. In short, having a positive attitude brings a positive return.


In conclusion, you can pay for betting information, resources, tools, employees, etc. However, networking is the personal touch. Think it through, and know that you will need people on your side to succeed.

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