About Us

About Betting-Analyst & our Sports-Betting experience

The founders of Betting-analyst have been at the forefront of professional betting for the past 20 years. We are gaming industry experts, entrepreneurs, former bookmakers, data-analysts, investors, technologists, and highly-rolling professional gamblers. Our mission through this website is to empower punters. Make them become smarter and more efficient gamblers and level the playing field with bookmakers. 

Our principal

Our principal was the first to get betting companies licensed in Gibraltar & Malta. He was the youngest person to be granted a UK betting license, and since internet betting, he’s worked on many high profile acquisitions and sales. We could also mention building a start-up which supplies data services to a leading bookmaker and advising billion-dollar gaming enterprises. 

Our place in the Betting Industry

We are a very well connected network of sports betting professionals. As former on-course bookmakers and casino operators, we understand the mathematics behind profitable betting. We believe it is fair to say our Sports betting consultancy is highly-regarded by company leaders, high-end betting professionals, established betting syndicates, and industry experts.

Customer Experience

Betting-analyst has a proven track record, and we provide exceptional services to our clients.

Trust & Independence

For those interested, we are 100% independent, and integrity is our middle name.

No Bookmaker Promotions

We never promote bookmakers for (affiliate) revenue share, and the one’s we do advertise are reliable and proven.

Our Strategy

At Betting-Analyst we use technology to stay ahead of the game, and we invest time & money in building superior analytical tools. Ultimately, our quantitative, algorithmic sports-modelling makes us more efficient, although it would be nothing without accurate data. With that in mind, our in-house efforts include gathering up to date information from our industry sources and ongoing research!
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