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As a leading sports betting consultancy, Betting-Analyst is fully invested in getting the most out of betting. Our founders are industry experts, former bookmakers, and highly respected professional gamblers. We are strongly connected, and our superior knowledge and in-house sports-modeling keep us ahead of the game.


Our mission is to level the playing field by educating our followers through easy to understand betting tutorials, and by offering highly valuable insights on how to win at betting. If you have ambitions of becoming a highly efficient gambler, betting-analyst will help you on your journey!

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Want betting tips from professional gamblers? We have been beating the system for a very long time. You too can benefit from our free tipping section! For those serious about betting, why not join our subscription-based service!

FootballANTWERP vs SERAINGANTWERP -12.12ViewVoid
FootballHALMSTADS vs KALMARKALMAR +/-02.33ViewWon
RacingNEWBURY 3:30SILENT ESCAPE 7/24.50ViewWon

Our Top Sports

🏇 Racing (UK/Ire./Fra.) 540217.04
⚽️ Finland (Veikkausliga) 5428.15
⚽️ USA (MLS) 10620.37
⚽️ Ints. (CL/EL/WC/EC) 5878.28
⚽️ Belgium (Jupiler) 3826.96
⚽️ Italy (Serie A) 2896.34
⚽️ Switzerland (Super League) 1525.00
⚽️ France (Ligue 1) 2753.79
🎾 WTA (Tennis) 28514.16
⚽️ Norway (Elite) 682.48
⚽️ Sweden (Allsvenskan) 1304.67
⚽️ Denmark (Superliga) 1603.67
⚽️ England (EPL/Champ/FA) 10781.81
⚽️ Germany (Bundesliga) 1353.25
⚽️ Dutch (Eredivisie) 2451.31
⚽️ Spain (La Liga) 255-4.44
🏀 NBA 13607.17
🏉 NFL 28712.56
⚾️ MLB 4084.06

Become a Professional Gambler with Betting-Analyst


The founders of Betting-analyst have been at the forefront of professional betting for the past 20 years. Our mission through this site is to empower punters into becoming smarter gamblers. We do that by educating our audience and levelling the playing field with bookmakers.

Take note wannabe professional gamblers need to understand profitable betting is not just about finding winners! The biggest challenges are getting odds in your favour, and being able to capitalise on bookmaker mistakes. Before contemplating options, we advise everyone to do a viability check of bookmakers available to your location. Look for legally licensed, good reputation, and valuable betting odds.

To become a professional gambler treat betting as a business, and do plenty of exploration. We suggest keeping private and business money separate. For this purpose, set up a betting bank. You will also need a strategy which takes on board; financial capabilities, the time you can dedicate to betting, bookmakers at hand, and most suitable methods for extracting money from the enemy!

When it comes to betting, we comprehend that everyone is at a different level of understanding. For those interested, our Betting-analyst consultancy service is available for beginners to very advanced.


We have a blueprint for success, but you must understand rewards are down to effort. Be warned, lazy people and dreamers will not make money from gambling! On a more upbeat note, making money from betting should be relatively straightforwards. Even beginners or losing gamblers will be able to take advantage of the surprise factor, with bonus, arbitrage, and value betting.

At some stage, the time will be right to take it up a notch. That means using sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges to guide. Incorporating technology and learning how to use betting broker accounts.

For seasoned professionals or betting syndicates, our consultancy service can advise-on many other aspects of your business. Ready to discuss artificial intelligence; Data platforms, Icebergs, quantitative, and qualitative analyst, Data mining, bet scraping, bet placement bots, or execution? What about favourable jurisdictions, business structuring, and banking? We even have a legal opinion for all aspects of professional betting. At Betting-analyst, we have your backs!

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Betting-Analyst Tutorials

To improve your betting experience, why not start by reading our betting tutorials. We explain how punters with little or no betting knowledge can progress into becoming winning gamblers. For those willing to put in the extra effort, let us point you in the right direction by mapping part of the journey. Take it from us, Betting-Analyst professional betting is not rocket science!

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Football (Soccer) Betting

Top football leagues such has England Premier, Italy Serie A, Spain La Liga, German Bundesliga, France Ligue-1, and Dutch Eredivisie are shown around the world, and so are international tournaments like the World Cup, European Championships, Champions League, and Europa League. As a leading football betting syndicate, we cover the aforementioned along with Swiss Super League, Belgium Jupiler, Norway Elite, Finland Veikkausliga, Sweden Allsvenskan, MLS, China Super League, and major cup games. The vast majority of bookmakers have a strong focus on football, and it’s this popularity which makes for massive betting limits and competitive odds with low or no bookmaker juice. At betting-analyst, our football sports betting module analyses massive volumes of data, and that’s how we find high-value betting opportunities. We have been consistently beating the bookmaker for the past twenty years, and that’s because we have found an edge.

Horse Racing Betting

In our experience, betting horses have the best return on investment. At Betting-analyst we have a former UK on-course bookmaker on our team, and he’s been delivering an average 17% ROI for the past decade. Based on 130 picks per month, that’s over £25K profit per year for £100 level stakes. Most countries have horse racing, and in the UK, Ireland, France, Australia, the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, its big business. The main drawback with racing is getting money down with bookmakers. When a gambler starts winning on horses, they tend to limit betting accounts more quickly. With that in mind, the solution is placing bets through third-party accounts, using betting exchanges, or sending out runners to shops. In countries like France, Hong Kong, and Japan they operate a strong PMU ( Totalisator betting), it’s often advantageous to bet directly into the pool. When the betting volume is high, it’s sometimes possible to negotiate a rebate on betting turnover.

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Tennis Betting

If you know what you are doing tennis betting is lucrative. Head-to-head sports don’t have too many variables, meaning it’s relatively easy to compare players. Our algorithmic sports-modelling takes into consideration several factors. They are player rank, past head-to-heads, surface suitability, player fitness, recent form, level of motivation, location of the tournament, travelling, weather conditions, and proximity of the last match. We specialise in WTA (woman’s tennis) rather ATP (men), the reason being performance inconsistencies help create high-value odds. Tennis betting limits vary per the quality and stage of the tournament. Bookmaker, Pinnacle might start a lower grade challenger or ITF with a lowly two hundred dollars, whereas the final of a Grand-slam will have single-click limits of $20-30K. Odds juice will depend on the same factors, albeit lower grade tournaments are likely to have more bookmaker disagreement and bigger odds variance.

NFL & NCAAFs Betting

NFL is considered by many pro-gamblers to be the most genuine sport in the world. While ticking down the clock towards the end of a game is normal, most of the 60 minutes are all-out play. With regards to betting limits, Pinnacle has them higher than any other sport. The leading bookmaker will accept $50,000 in one click, on any NFL handicap. They will also lay $30,000 money line and $20,000 totals on the same game. Professional gamblers such has Teddy Sevransky & Billy Walters have made fortunes from betting NFL, with the latter named rumoured to have won $3.5 million on Super Bowl XLIV (New Orleans Saints). The biggest issue for pro-gamblers is the total number of NFL games is just 256 per year. NCAAF (College) is the other option for American football gamblers. However, limits are substantially lower than with the NFL, albeit odds volatility creates great betting opportunities. We at Betting-analyst have a superior team of American football experts.

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NBA & NCAA Betting

Five cent betting lines, high betting limits, and loads of games make NBA a must for many professional gamblers. Finding high-value bets is down to team knowledge, understanding stats, and crunching the numbers. We believe it’s fair to say one of the greatest NBA gamblers of our time is Bob Voulgaris. His reputation supersedes him, and in 2018 Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban hired the then 43-year-old as director of quantitative research & development. His duty was to use the same data for finding value bets, but instead, build a roster and help pick the team. Sports-modelling is widely used for NBA betting, and those with in-depth knowledge are more than capable of finding a betting edge. Many Basketball gamblers also bet NCAA (college). While betting limits are substantially lower, bookmaker opinion and volatility reduces the betting juice. Understanding a teams ability, and keeping up to speed with player availability is the key to beating the bookmaker.

MLB Betting

For many Americans, MLB is a staple part of the betting diet. During the MBL regular season, each team is scheduled to play162 games. Over a 6 month’s that’s a total of 2430 games played. MLB teams are scheduled to play nearly every day, thus they need to maintain a big player roster. One of the most important aspects of MLB betting is the named pitcher must start the game for bets to stand (action). Many professional gamblers are fully focused on MLB betting, and with highly informative stats available it’s perfect for algorithmic sports-modelling. At Betting-analyst our MLB advisors use 22 variables that correlate to figuring out a solid betting option, and they are keen to point out chasing the price will increase the bottom line. On that note, MLB betting can be quite volatile and opening lines are soon challenged by knowledgeable professional gamblers. That’s the reason betting limits start low and increase during the day, time you bet for maximum value.

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Betting-Analyst Blog

Those wishing to get a better understanding of betting should read through our blog section. We share experiences and in-depth knowledge with our audience. Those looking for encouragement, guidance, and explanations are in the right place. Feel free to send us your comments.


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