In some parts of the world people make salaries of less than $200 per month. Suffice to say, for them winning $500 is a lot of money. At the end of the day everyone has a different situation, and it’s down to the individual to decide what constitutes success. We at betting-analyst are here to help you understand their is a lot more to professional betting than meets the eye, and a positive attitude can help.


Before we give a few guidelines and suggestions, we would like to point out we are long established professional gamblers. Furthermore, without wanting to sound arrogant, we believe we understand the betting business from top to bottom. In fact, our principal partners have been winning at betting for over 20 years, and we are considered by most to be the ultimate betting professionals. 




Cut out negative attitude and stop feeling sorry for yourself. You have probably heard people complaining about their bad luck with betting, don’t become one of them. Just accept that luck plays a big part in Sports betting, and over the course of time things balance out. For example, while you might remember late goals and points against you, the fact is you would also have had the same going in your favour - Take it on the chin and stop crying about spilt milk is the message!


A positive mindset will help you with decision making. If you are a ditherer the chances are you will never be able to feel confident enough to become a long term pro. Just accept that you have no god given right to win at betting, and it’s not a game for lazy people. 


We would advise you to educate yourself on betting the best you can, and also read books covering subjects such has ‘’mindset’’. Understanding what is happening and being strong willed is half the battle, and their is no shame in being mentored along the way.


Accept that the life of a professional gambler isn’t easy, but getting into good habits will certainly help. Doing things right is an obvious starting point, and that means cutting out silly mistakes. Again, a positive attitude will stop you doing silly things like chasing losses or betting when the odds have already gone.


If you are a regimented type of person make a plan and attempt to stay on track. We would advise you to consider your own situation and look into all the possible scenario’s. For example, figure out were you are going to bet with most success, and if that means doing a study then put in the effort.


When devising a strategy be realistic and bare in mind Rome wasn’t built in a day. Discipline, money management and understanding the concept of value will put you on the right track. The good/bad luck scenario needs to be considered, but above all make sure you focus on having a positive attitude.


We would recommend you read through out tutorials to help understand better. And, at some stage we will offer Life coaching and Webinars to suitable candidates, so get yourself fit and ready!