About US

About us

Betting-analyst is a leading Sports betting Consultancy service. We are highly respected senior betting industry experts, bookmakers, professional gamblers and Betting Fund/Syndicate Managers. Our superior betting knowledge helps us source the very best sports betting  information for our subscribers to best benefit.

Betting-Analyst provides Sport betting advise to clients from around the world. Our exceptional service is tailor-made to suit individuals and professional betting organisations. Our value pricing policy makes it easy for most levels of bettor to join and benefit from our superior betting knowledge. 

Betting-analyst is more than just a tipping/picks service. In fact, our mission is to educate followers into becoming better and more profitable gamblers. 

At Betting-Analyst we have a massive network of betting professionals. We use superior tools and sports modelling algorithms to identify what we consider to be high value bets. And, our tipsters are proven over the long term. 

At the time of writing we cover top sports such has Football, Tennis, NFL, NCAA, MLB, NHL NBA, Cricket and Horseracing.  It should also be noted that we only allow tips in high liquidity leagues, because we want everyone to get on!

We believe we have the highest customer retention rate in the industry, and that’s because we are transparent and diligent about everything we do. At Betting-analyst we developed a proven business concept based on gaining long term trust from our clients from around the globe. 

In the paid section of the Betting-analyst website, we use both in-house and third party tipsters who are known and proven to us. On the free section, we use tipsters who are either proofing or not qualified for the paid service.