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A professional gambler is someone who makes a living at the bookmakers expense. For these folk betting is a job, just like any other but probably more rewarding. To succeed at betting a person/organization need a different set of skills, and a fully focused mindset. Before we move on we would like to add that we don't include traders or arbitrage players in this category, because these people have little knowledge about actual sports betting. In fact, most are programmers who scavenge the net for odds discrepancies.   

The question you are probably asking yourself is can you become a professional punter. On that note lets just say you can certainly become a better bettor, but like in most walks of life a professional needs that bit extra. At we try and put people on the right path, but like with an horse. You can bring them to water, but you can't make them drink!

The following is a guide to get you thinking and help improve your betting:


Syndicates, investment funds and pro bettors establish a betting bank. They consider how many bets they are expecting to make over a fixed period of time, and then come up with a staking strategy based on those numbers. For example, we bet 0.3% per point with an average stake being 4 points, or 1.2% of our original betting bank. We don't accrue interest to increase our betting bank during the season, since we bet close to stake limits and we don't accept line slippage. However, others who are bank building might want to stake based on current bank size, meaning different sums each day.


If you can still bet with leisure bookmakers, enjoy it whilst it lasts. Afterall, sharps are not welcomed by the majority of bookmakers, so account closure or limitations will soon be taking place. For the better known professional bettor, Asian accounts and betting exchanges are the only way forward. We like many syndicates use betting agents/brokers, since they guarantee anonymity and different accounts from a single wallet. This in turn means we can bet with the likes of  Pinnacle, SBO, IBC, ISN, 10bet, 1bet, Singbet, Dafabet, M8bet, 18bet, Matchbook and Betdaq from numbered accounts. 



We bet top league football on the Asian handicap. And, the reason for that is we can get high stakes without line slippage. For people starting off and with lower stakes, the world is your Oyster. Afterall, you can bet what you know best, and it's clearly easier to make higher margins when a sport is less  known. You can also focus on certain leagues or using professional tipsters for information gathering. at the end of the day, all you want is profit.


I think it's fair to say that most sheep end up in the slaughter house, and so will you if you are going to follow the mass. When a footballer comes on the TV or writes for the press that a team are great odds to win, treat it with the contempt it deserves. Ask yourself this, did this guy kick a ball around the pitch or study Sports modeling. With all due respect, leave these people to talk about the finer parts of the game, but for gods sake don't take their tips!


As kick off time looms, liquidity in betting markets increase. That means bookmakers/exchanges will raise their limits, and larger volumes will be traded. One of the reasons for this is information, since things like team news and weather are becoming known. Whilst this all sounds great, bare in mind that the market is now well and truly balanced. that means you won't be beating the end price by much, so the juice has effectively disappeared. To win at betting in the long term you should be beating the odds at kick-off more often than not. Cross check your performance by comparing odds taken to start odds.


I learnt very early in life never to chase women or buses, because the next one will always come along. It's the same in betting with losses, don't chase simply because you are down. They say patience is a virtue, and that's certainly true with regards to betting. Make a plan and stick with it, neither losing or winning should effect strategy.


I guess i've always had an entrepreneurial instinct, and that's probably down to being a deep thinker. For example, i distinctly remember my history teacher telling us how the Wool Barons went bankrupt when the Spinning Jenny was invented during the industrial revolution (1764). You see complacency isn't an excuse, and nor is laziness. Work hard, stay informed and keep learning if you want to finish ahead at this game.


When your wife brings a new born into the world, or your daughter gets married it's ok to be emotional. However, emotion as no place in business, and it certainly doesn't have a place in a professional gamblers life. Whilst you might get excited when you see a pretty girl, just think of a bet as a bet. 

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