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Ever heard of the names Billy Walters, Alan Woods, Zeljko Ranogajec, David Walsh, Matthew Benham or Tony Bloom ? These people all have one thing in common, they have made millions from sports betting. Looking at them individually, Billy Walters made his fortune by mainly betting American sports. In fact, he was one of the original founders of the computer group, a well known betting syndicate that started operating in the late 1970's. 

The second on our list was Australian legend Alan Woods (deceased). He went to Hong Kong in the mid 1980´s where he teamed up with William Benter to form a syndicate to bet on horses. Woods was said to be worth US$500 million at the time of his death in 2008. Tony Bloom also known has the Lizard, and Matthew Benham are the better known to the British public. The latter is the owner of and Brentford football club, and Bloom owns another championship side Brighton. 

Australian pair Ranogajec and Walsh, two university buddies who made it so big they where being pursued for Aus $900 million dollars by the Aussie tax authorities. These boys made their fortunes through rebates, for pumping the exchange and race track markets. In fact, Walsh explained in court how it worked. '' We actually lost about 5% from the actual betting of horses, but we received a 10% rebate so the simple maths put  us 5% ahead''. He went on to explain that in three and half years they cleared $44 million from an outlay of just $200,000 on US horse racing alone. These were the guys who were the biggest market makers for Betfair, were they claim to have traded over one billion a year!

The thing that these successful betting syndicates have in common is sports-modeling. They all employ Geeks to build algorithmic based software, so what do you need to know?

Identifying value

Lets use a simple example and ask a theoretical question at the end. Imagine a football match between England and Germany. After 120 minutes of football it's a draw, so it's going to be penalties which decides the winner. Statistics show Germany have won six from their last seven shootouts against England (85.7%), the bookies offer odds of 1.65 Germany and 2.4 England. The question is, would Germany be good value?

Looking at the stats their would be a clear case for saying yes. Afterall, odds of 1.65 are equivalent to 60.5%, and this occurrence has happened on 85.7% of occasions. Nevertheless, those numbers could happen if we threw an equally balanced coin, and the reality is something very different. Germany might have won six from their last seven penalty shootouts, but it means very little when it comes to the actual game. Other contingencies would be far more important  and outweigh outdated stats. These might include things such has penalty takers. Goalkeepers would clearly be another factor, and so would which group of fans would be standing behind the goal. However, these factors would only equal a marginal swing, and not one that would be extreme enough to force the odds to a low 1.65.  Being able to identify true values is an important factor.

Search for best odds

Value is everything in the modern world, and it's the same with betting. If you are not obtaining the best odds, you are unlikely to win in the long term. Think of it like any other business, a manufacturer must work on his costing. That´s why factories are located in countries such has China and Indonesia, because lower labor costs mean more profit. The modern day bookmaker prefers Sofia to London, because average salaries in the English capital are ten times higher than in Bulgaria and so are rents. Being efficient is important to any business, and betting for a living is just the same!

With betting much will depend on the individuals personal situation. If UK horse racing is your main strength, then you will probably need people to place bets on the high street to avoid detection. For sports betting their might be some play in leisure bookmakers, but it won't last long unless you can have other people open betting accounts on your behalf. After that loophole dries up, you will need to concentrate on Asian facing bookmakers and a few exchanges.

There are about a dozen online bookmakers who accept wagers from professional gamblers, with the obvious being Pinnaclesport, Sbobet, Ibc-bet, Crown, Eastern Dynasty, Singbet, Isn and Matchbook. These bookmakers all specialize in Asian h´caps, a bet that reduces the possible outcomes to two. The dynamic of these bets make for easy line movement, and typical juice is just 1.5 to 2%. Professional gamblers can reduce the margin factor further by operating multiple betting accounts through an agent. Our partner, bet-football offers professional punters numbered betting accounts with multiple bookmakers without cost. With them you can move monies between accounts in minutes and operate from a single wallet account.

The benefits are the punter can get the most competitive odds on the market, because unlike with the stock market their is more than one price available. By this we mean the typical odds with Pinnaclesports might be 2.01-1.93 , Sbobet  1.97-1.96 and Ibc-bet could be betting the other way at 1.96-1.97. To get the best out of the situation punters wanting to bet the home side would go with Pinnacle at 2.01, and those wanting away would take Ibc-bet offer of 1.97. By scraping the lines the odds range is now  2.01-1.97. What started at 1.75% margin is now just 0.5%.

I would recommend anyone wanting best odds to use our partner agent bet-football, because they have no hidden costs and they offer a top service.

Warning : If you use any other broker, we would advise you to study what they are giving you for value. Afterall, many are known to steal a point and give Grade B odds, that should never happen and it won't with

Information is the key

Acquire as much match information has you possibly can, and make sure you know how to crunch those numbers. Bare in mind that this is not a lazy mans game, and nor is it a get rich quick scheme. We would suggest a good place to start is following proven tipsters, particularly ones who specialize in certain leagues. Nevertheless, find your own methods, and keep on top of the situation 


Some might prefer finding value in the early market. although they might not have a full hand of cards, neither does the bookmaker. Nevertheless, keep tracking those markets, because it's going to come down to you beating the price at kick off. Do that more often than you don't and the results should be positive.  

The point is to find your niche whatever it is, and concentrate on what you know and understand. That might be a certain sport, certain leagues or how you read a live match. We do a mixture of sports modeling and having the human touch, just find your own way and go with it!  

Money management

Before starting any business you need a financial plan, the first rule is don´t stretch yourself beyond your pocket. Whilst everyone has to decide what's best for their way of betting,  For us that would mean betting anything from 0.9 to 1.5% of our betting bank on each bet, and we have an average 120 to 150 games per month. People with less games would probably bet an higher proportion of their bank per game, whereas those betting more might want to reduce the average stake. In any case, keep studying yourselves, and regularly review your achievement.

Ten golden rules:

1. Work with a betting agent to help obtain best odds (Scrape lines!) 

2. Put in the effort, because this is not a part time job.

3. Study hard and keep learning, because in business their is no finishing line.

4. Don´t be scared to take advice from others who know better.

5. Patience is a virtue, so don´t bet for the sake of it.

6. Make a financial plan and stick to it for the whole season.

7. Find your niche - you should already have the feeling!

8. Treat it like a business, and if it doesn´t work move on

9. Learn to ignore people who don´t have a clue, since their are too many in this game!

10. The bigger the odds discrepancy - the bigger the bet!

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