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For people living in a country were betting is part of the culture, their are many opportunities to bet. In the UK for example we have betting shops on every street corner, and even more online. On the other side of the Atlantic in the USA betting laws amount to prohibition, unless of course you are living in Nevada. The US authorities and law makers have always shown protectionism towards the big Las Vegas casino owners, and that's because they sponsor political campaigns. People like Sheldon Adelson have certainly paid for favors, which in our part of the world would be classed has bribery and corruption. The only option for American bettors is to relocate to Las Vegas, or leave the country for a more favorable environment. While that's not realistic for the vast majority, other options are thin on the ground. The other alternative would be using offshore betting accounts in places like Costa Rica, or fund using Bitcoin. However, their is still an issue with the legality (wire act), and the costs of moving money are high.

All the same, while professional gamblers in the UK have more options than their US counterparts they still need to get on. Never forget that its a business and bookmakers do not like losing money. One such option is to use third parties for bet placement, a tactic we have used over the years. By that i mean we have sent people to betting shops to place bets on our behalf, or we've at least sent them to collect winnings. Another tactic is to spread bets amongst different bookmakers, with the aim of staying under the radar. Online betting is no different has you can always use third party betting accounts. Knowing how the bookmakers work is another advantage, because it will help you stay undetected.

Over the years we have bet physically in many countries, but knowing and understanding regulations are important. For example we benefited from naivety  in Germany for over five years,  an that was because the bookmakers were very green and competition was great. Switzerland also had a similar system, and if anything the odds were even better. We can even report we have placed bets with state lotteries in places like Malta, because they never changed the odds. Nevertheless, for most people that would be too much work and they wouldn't have the knowledge, so do some basics!


Our first advice to anyone wanting to become a professional gambler is choose your jurisdiction carefully. If it´s going to be your main business, relocate to a country that allows you are allowed to bet across borders legally. Or, at least arrange an intermediary/structure to your business. We contract professional betting brokers and agents to obtain the best odds in Asia. By doing this we can access to bookmakers that are not always available to the general public. In fact, our agent offers anonymous accounts with Pinnacle, SBO, IBC, ISN, Dafabet, 10bet, 1bet, Singbet, 18bet, Matchbook, Betfair and Betdaq. Most of these bookmakers allow winners to operate from anonymous and numbered betting accounts. Furthermore, by using such a system we can move money between different betting accounts in seconds (single wallet). This of course helps us to scrape the betting lines, and obtain higher limits through multiple choice.

Nevertheless, if we were not known to the betting world, we would be opening betting accounts with all the leading bookmakers. Afterall, the bigger the choice, the more odds diversity. Think of professional betting has a simple a numbers game, and understand that lower juice is good for the cause. Nevertheless, before you open any betting accounts try and understand the bookmaker and their brand, because it's that which will set your parameters!

In order to find the best odds, learn how to use odds checking services. Many are free and efficient, Odds portal and oddschecker spring to mind. If they are betting big money, then use paid services such has txodds or betradar.    


Punters signing up to arbitrage services need a reality check, because their are too many people chasing the same bone and thus it's not viable. Imagine that 200 people are subscribed to this service and all of them receive the same information, the bookmaker won't be accepting that many bets at those odds . In any case, why would a bookmaker entertain a odds thief ? -  just stop and use your logic.  In our opinion arbitrage services are absolutely useless, and they are only suitable for people who have little understanding. Of course it's different if you are doing the odds mining and software application yourself, but that's an expensive hobby!

If you are looking for account longevity, stick with better leagues. If you are going to be betting on lower stuff in countries that are known for cheating like Turkey, Romania, Hungary and Greece, the ride will be short. Unfortunately, bookmakers are not stupid and limitations will come quicker that you believe possible.  Winning peanuts and having your card marked has no future. And, if you are one of these people that sign up to ''fixed-game services'', you will never succeed. People advertising such services are pure scam merchants!!

Do it:

The secret to betting is playing with the Bookmakers money, so it´s important to get ahead early. If we were new to the world of betting or were allowed accounts were we wanted, then we would open accounts with out of line bookmakers such has Tempobet, Marathonbet and 1Xbet. They too will close your account, but who cares if you have already profited.we say take the money and use it to move on

We encourage punters to do their exploration on bookmakers. Look for a strong license/reputation and plenty of payment solutions. Both are signs that they are legally accepted, and they have passed a rigorous due diligence process. 

Unless you are a thief we would discourage bonus abuse, their is no longevity in stealing a few quid. In any case most have rules to stop this happening. Before signing up to any bonus, check terms and conditions are acceptable to your needs!

Last but not least, prepare yourself for due diligence. Have your documents ready to send, and don´t even think of betting if you can´t supply. In short, don't give the bookmaker any excuse to hold back payments.