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At the beginning it´s easy, know one knows you, the stakes you require are lower and everyone wants to be your friend, then you start to win, no more Bookie bonus and quick limiting or closure of your betting account,don´t get me wrong, take the option whilst it lasts but prepare yourself for the future, the more established professional has only the one option,bet with Bookmakers/exchanges/pari mutuals that accept winners, such as Pinnaclesports or SBO!
Their are professional gamblers and betting syndicates who place bets in excess of 10 million a month, think about the logistics of placing just one million a month, it will open your eyes!

-Base capital of 1 million
-Expected annual return of 60% (600,000), that´s an average win of nearly 50K per month.
-Stake size might vary between 0.5 to 2.5% (5-25K),it will be dependent on the number of bets!

The only place to move such large sums is on the Asian markets,with bookmakers that use dynamic lines to create market odds,they work similar to the stock exchange,when you buy one option you are literally selling the opposite,for example, the prices on a top EPL game:
-Team A to win 1.97 and team B (+0.5) 1.97 , the bet limit in one hit is set at 25K.
-Bets  on team A equal the set limit of 25K at odds 1.97
-The dynamic line will be changed to Team A 1.95  and Team B 1.99 (Would depend on the setting)
The aim is to create a balanced book and generate the bookmaker a profit whatever the outcome, odds movement reacts in accordance to the weight of money, in theory, the Bookmaker like a stockbroker works on small margin, the stronger the event, the higher the limit (volume) and lower the juice, whilst an EPL game might have 25K (limit) with a 3 cent line and odds movement of just 1 to 2 pips, a game in the Bulgarian league might have €70 limit and a 5-10 cent line movement! 
So here i am, a betting syndicate manager with a start capital of 1 million, what should i do? 
Send 5 Bookmakers 100K each  -  if we take into consideration that the average stake in our example is 15K, then we get a 6.67 point playing field,take into account open bets and you can see it´s not a great amount.
With the above scenario we will have sent out 500K from the starting fund before a bet was struck,the remaining 500K would work as `cash in hand´,with this we could upload funds without relying on receiving payments from bookmakers.
Their are numerous advantages in using a broker/agent service:
1.Single wallet solution: From the example given above, you would need to send out 500k in order to access 5 bookmakers with 100K each,by using a broker, you can deposit half of that amount and have a larger reach!
2.More options : You won´t be able to bet with the likes of IBCBET - SINGBET - EASTERN DYNASTY + many others without a broker,many Asian Bookmakers do not allow for direct access.
3.Completely anonymous: All accounts are numbered, the broker is the Bookmakers client,you still have complete access to the Bookmakers website,they have no idea of who´s behind the account and better still,they won´t be asking you for personal data,for security reasons, and to prove bets are not being tracked, account numbers are changed at regular intervals,if you believe they are tracking your IP, that can be changed through a VPN! 
4.Brokerage service: This is when you give the broker a bet placement order, personally speaking, i would never use such a service as i´m sure they `nip´ the odd point, with access to all sites you are not obliged!
5.When betting with low margin/high volume bookmakers you will need to consider banking charges, most only allow one free payment per month, this could become an additional cost if not managed properly, brokers operate in a similar manner, however,has funds are centralized money management becomes much easier, their would never be the need to enter into an additional cost!
6.Some brokers offer one click betting through an application that they provide, this allows you to bet without logging in to the bookies website, it´s a good tool for normal people,betting syndicates are happy to have many monitors open at the same time!
7.A broker could help you around jurisdictional problems, bank transfers are not to a bookmaker so less government interference .
1.Several brokers have disappeared with clients money, always do a proper due diligence and tread carefully.
2.Be careful of any nipping,brokers can log you in at minus 1 pip,bookmakers allow them to do that and it brings them a bigger commission.
3.If they don´t speak your language in a clear and decisive manner, forget them!
4.They often pinch a point on the brokerage service, thats when you place a bet order,simply avoid the situation!
5.Consider any costs,many charge for money movement, some charge 0.25% for the brokerage service (Samvo).
6.Make sure you are familiar with all the rules and regs of the broker and the bookmaker, singbet have a reputation for canceling bets and asians can be complicated!
7.Test the broker before going all in, pay-in and pay-out!
8.Differant brokers will suit different situations, study which is best for you, not all agents are created equal,Samvo might charge for the service but they are in London with a big office,safe!
If you can make a living locally or by playing around with the European Bookmakers, that´s great!
If you play in the thousand (€1000) plus league and you need to bet with serious Bookmakers, then you need to find a broker!