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Can anyone make a living from arbitrage betting?Is their any value in joining an arbitrage service?Do arbitrage services really scam the public?


They see themselves as ‘traders’ and bookmakers refer to them as ‘thieves’, whatever your opinion, this article is supposed to give you an insight!


What is arbitrage?


Arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets, striking a matching deal that capitalize upon the in-balance, the profit being the difference. It involves no negative cashflow, in simple terms, it’s the possibility of a risk free profit, in sports-betting an arbitrage opportunity is also called, free bet,sure bet and middle!


Maybe you have you read the advertisements?


Take the gamble out of betting, with our arbitrage service you are guaranteed to win,the secret investment,free money,never risk a cent, and, our service will deliver you a no lose situation, it all sounds very good!


So, should investors join an arbitrage service?


The following claim to be leading arbitrage websites (visit them and form your own opinion). : Costs are €129 per month or €799 for the year, everything is nicely explained for the ´layman´, appear to make a decent effort and i wouldn´t question their integrity,however,try betting with that list of bookies! : Costs €79 per month for sure-bet monitor,offer free tests on mondays, at least trying to be realistic by providing bookmakers with an arbitrage score, lose credibility when you see Betfred and Bwin near the top! :  Costs €79 per month or €479 per year, looks a bit desperate with the offer,bring a customer and receive the same package for free,that could ruin a few friendships! : Costs GBP 50 per month or GBP 400 for the year, website is nothing out of the ordinary! : SMS and e-mail service on offer,claim to have 375 arbs per month, that number is rather low! 


Customer testimonials sound promising:


-I’ve always lost money gambling , thanks to your service i’ve turned it around, Regard Mr C

-What a service, I know nothing about betting but I’m making a regular profit thanks to you guys!

-I recently lost my job and I wondered what I was going to do, then I saw your advertisement and thought i would give it a try, the rest is history, thanks to your wonderful service, I’m making more money now than I ever did!


Whether these testimonials where written ‘in house’ or they actually managed to find some happy customers is not clear, however, let’s go through the motions and look at the logistics.


Who needs such a service?

1- Anyone with half a brain can find arbitrage opportunities, all you need is a good odds comparison service,such as those offered at , and, they even offer a free arbitrage/sure-bet service!

2- Open your eyes, where is the point in paying for a service that leads you to the same opportunity as the next subscriber,fellow members become your competition, it´s logical,the larger the customer base,the more difficult it becomes.

3- How do I place my bets?  You would need an account with masses of bookmakers, this either means, you have very deep pockets or Bookmakers that process payments in seconds!

4- Ask any pro-bettor,successful accounts are quickly limited or then closed, risk managers are always watching for arbitrage players!

5- If a punter as an history of losing he might get a longer grace period (many Bookmakers profile customers)this doesn´t mean the party will go on forever!

6- Bookmakers should´t be sleeping,you may well have an art cruncher, they have far superior tools, most would know the current market,the reason for having such odds might be a trap,a punter clicking on the price might find him/herself flagged up (limiting will start),whilst the odds might represent opinion or weight of money, it´s very doubtful with the traditional Bookmaker,most track the market! 


Think it through!


It’s a fact, bookmakers do not like losing and European bookmakers are especially soft,what worked in 2005 doesn´t necessarily work today,the betting business continues to evolve, new tools and technology have been developed to improve efficiency,the market has become tighter, discrepancies are less likely. 


Arbitrage software will often flag bookmakers like Marathonbet and Tempobet, odds are often out-of -line with other books,any trading software tracking these two as it easy,however,such software doesn´t place bets,if it did it would soon give up, upto about 5 years back, Betfair was a great trading tool, then it got greedy, lost all morality and bought in the 60% premium charge, other exchanges exist for the five and dimers,if you live in Bangladesh where the average salary is about $100 per month they might be worth your time, for North Europeans not.


In my humble opinion,these arbitrage services advertise something that can´t be delivered in mass,if i were the owner of such, i would use the data mining tool to create something more efficient, we all know what happened to the wool merchants when the Jenny wheel was found!


To answer the questions i asked at the start:


Can anyone make a living from arbitrage betting? - Certainly, if you are willing to put in the effort and accept the nature of the beast, however, don´t expect big rewards or longevity!


Is their any value in joining an arbitrage service? - The only value i can see is the data mining tool for supply of odds, not the arbitrage opportunity,however,most professionals are limited to 6-8 books.


Do arbitrage services really scam the public? - From what i see, most deliver a fair product,albeit outdated,it would be unfair to call it a scam,however,they are not really being forthright!


Let´s not confuse arbitrage players with professional gamblers, they are like chalk and cheese, the latter is a skill, pro´s have opinion,they work hard to achieve results, a professional gambler can work in many ways, through rebates from pari-mutuals, for sports-betting the amount of outlets is rather limited, i would recommend any pro that can live from the Asian handicaps to concentrate on a handful of bookmakers, they can obtain single wallet numbered accounts through Betting brokers such as , same rule for everyone, winners welcome!