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About Us

We are industry experts, professional gamblers, Bookmakers and Betting fund managers with many years of experience, we offer objective and unbiased opinion, we are advocates of transparency,  our primary aim is to educate and teach people through well informed blogs and tutorials.
Whilst we will accept advertising from reputable Bookmakers, we won´t sell our soul for popularity, if we have something to report ,we will!
Our complaints section is there to report mischievous practice, in case of non payments we may be able to assist,we will examine genuine complaints and if required offer assistance,we will report dialogue and dubious practice to you, our audience!
We actively encourage people to bet with asian type Bookmakers, and we  highly recommend using a betting broker service, this will give you access to several reputable sports books from one single wallet,in return you will receive best odds and higher limits, privacy is guaranteed through numbered accounts and winners are welcome!