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Eastbridge is a bespoke sports betting solution for all, we can offer a range of services including Skype based betting brokerage, traditional betting, an online brokerage platform and an API solution for automated trading groups.

Also, after partnering with an established and trusted UK bookmaker, we are now licensed & regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

However, we are running our book with very low margins and professional risk management, on Football, Tennis and US Sports. 

This enables us to service professional traders, syndicate groups, serious part time clients, as well as recreational punters, with much more freedom than typical European bookmakers, who limit client accounts even after just a few winning bets.

The primary sport we offer is Football and particularly the Asian Handicap and Asian Total Goals markets, to very large six figure size stakes. But, we are also able to take very large bets on Tennis, NBA, NFL, MLB & NHL.

All our clients use Skype to place their bets, but we can also offer Whatsapp and Telebetting (primarily for in-play bets), if a client would prefer to use them instead.

Using Skype to place bets is fast and easy, plus it avoids any issues of gambling websites being blocked on a client’s work computer. Plus, Skype is optimised for use on any device, allowing clients to bet on the move, if needed.

The Skype service runs from 9am to 9.30pm, but sometimes later to cover evening kick offs and clients can request statements whenever required. Premium clients, are also able to bet outside of these hours upon request.

Once connected to our bet placement Skype, our clients simple state the details of their bet. Which league/event, stake, bet and price (if they know what price they want they want) to bet on, so for example – 

Premier League, £1000, Leicester City -0.5 at 1.98

Our team then checks the price (or better) and stake is available, before returning to the client to confirm they want to place the bet. Once the client confirms, the bet is officially placed.

Being licensed by the UK Gambling Commission gives our clients the confidence that, our services and their accounts are professionally managed & most importantly their funds are 100% safe in our UK bank account.

Skype Brokerage Betting

From the client perspective, the execution is no different than our UK Skype Betting service, bets are requested in the same way. However, from that point on our Brokerage Team get to work contacting our outlets, to see where we can find the best offer for the bet, in terms of price and liquidity to fill the order.

Our outlets include the biggest Asian books such as IBC, ISN, Pinnacle and more, not to mention, other brokers, agents and even private layers. 

The brokerage’s key benefit to clients is the ability to bet at higher than screen prices and often for much higher limits, but also with very low spreads. Also, betting via the brokerage gives our clients anonymity when betting which, can be crucial for professional groups when placing their orders.

Eastbridge is part of the Ole Group which is one of the largest, longest established and most respected brokers in Asia and as such we have access to a huge network of outlets, this enables us to provide a best in class service that is essential to our clients.

Online brokerage platforms

For clients who prefer to bet via an online site rather than Skype and/or find that online limits are sufficient for their needs, Eastbridge provides accounts with both, Mollybet or Vodds. 

These two products are online bet brokerage platforms that allow users to bet with numerous books all from one, quick and easy to use interface. The platform automatically aggregates the liquidity from each book to provide clients with much larger maximum bets, but still at top prices & low spreads.

The benefits of these platforms is that clients get a single wallet solution with Eastbridge, instead of having to open individual accounts with each of the books directly. Plus, the platform places bets across numerous accounts, allowing punters to continue betting without the threat of their account being restricted or shut down for winning.

Vodds currently only covers football, but it includes nine top Asian bookies. Plus, it has a unique pre-match trading function that allows users to leverage their pre-match positions, so they can bet with larger stakes without allocating more of their bankroll to the position.

Vodds also includes market trading tools, such as Stop Loss and Limit functions, similar to those used in Stock trading applications.

Mollybet offers football, tennis and US sports, but does not come with the pre-match features of Vodds. However, it is also a single wallet solution for five of the main Asian bookmakers, with a simple and clear betting interface.

Further information 

Established in 2014, Eastbridge is the European facing arm of the much larger Asian company, Ole Group. The group has been running the premier football betting brokerage service for around 12 years, initially they dealt with the world’s biggest betting syndicates and although that is still the backbone of the business, there are many more betting operations under their umbrella. 

Eastbridge accept a range of payment options including bank transfer, debit card, Skrill and Bitcoin which is ideal for our worldwide client base. However, bets requested via the UK Skype Betting and Skype Brokerage are usually placed in EUR or GBP.

For more information here’s the link to Eastbridge.