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I would like to believe followers of this site are not so stupid to buy into scams, but who knows. The fact is we get mail from people who have been cheated and in need of our help. Whilst most of the scams leave us shaking our heads in disbelief, their are clearly people who still buy into the fantasy of these get rich schemes. 

We get loads of mail from African scammers with supposed fancy titles and Millions ($) to share. Most are pretending to be bank managers or widows, looking for someone to take payments of Millions. Of course it's just utter BS, and any half sane person would know that.  Nevertheless, remember the scam from sportstradenetwork (article link) we reported on, many people got stung by these thieves. And, now we are beginning to see more mail like the one below.


''I would like to offer you a serious deal, hopefully you will be interested in. If not then please accept my apologies for wasting your time. I am representing a group which is strictly connected with tennis. We know many players, agents, tournament directors etc.

This insider knowledge which we are gaining allows us to monetize. We use it for ourselves but we could accept a few more partners in our group. Both sides will be happy with the results: you will receive a high winning rate from us and in return we will get some % of your winnings.

It is a fair deal- forget football etc. Real money is on tennis, just one guy is playing and he decide about everything. And we have to know that there exists thousands of players but actually only top 100-200 is earning some good money (accommodation, transfers, coach, training pitch, supplements- all costs  big money)''.

''Naturally everybody can offer you something but without proof it's worth nothing. That's why we will show you some example of our infos. Odd is really high, match start in a few hours so if you would like- place some bet. Security of win is obviously high- in other case we won't waste your and our time. You should see a perfect win and then we hope you will contact us back and we will speak about further deal''.

WTA Australian Open Qualifications

N. Bains-  S. Vickery

Bains to win-> odd around 5 !


I think this is about the eighth time we have received such mail, and the player picked lost each time. The con is that they catch a winner, and the ''naive'' start believing and pay something. This is no different to those ''fixed soccer tips'' , the ones where they tip the outsider to be leading at half time and with favorite to win at the end (ht-ft). I am told that these African scammers write stupid because their target audience is ''very stupid people''. I guess their wouldn't be any scammers if lots of people didn't fit that category!

Anyone buying into such scams have only got themselves to blame, you shouldn't even read their mail. This one came from Mali, many come from other parts of Africa and Asia. 

PS: We also get mail from scammers/tipsters wanting to exchange mailing addresses  - Be assured, we never pass on your information to third parties, and we would never do anything to harm our own credibility!