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TIME FOR A CHANGE - (Bet like a pro)


Would you like to bet like a professional? - Our subscribers have seen their bank grow 52% in 5 months!!

Most people don´t have what it takes to become a professional gambler,since understanding betting is a long process.The average person bets for leisure, to have a bit of fun and it´s good so,if it´s just free tips you want,we post something every day.For those gamblers wanting to improve themselves,  we would ask you to visit our tutorial section and go through our blogs,we would also recommend that you read through our betting previews (tips) and learn about the thought process behind our selections,we believe good habits can be taught,whilst it won´t turn you into a professional gambler overnight, it´s a stepping stone!

Bet like a professional (Tutorial):

1. A professional gambler is someone who makes a living through gambling,we have been doing that for over 20 years,you can compare the profession with any other,some people have more talent than others,longevity is the proof that someone is good.

2. It´s all about the odds,everything has a price so don´t fall for stupid betting shop talk.We get e-mails from people telling us something is 1000% sure to win,for the record,the maximum is 100% and the reality is a lot less!

3. We often get asked whether it´s possible to make money from accumulator/ system bets, again, it´s all about the odds,imagine the following scenario: a bookmaker gives juiced odds of 1.90 on the outcome of a flipped coin,in other words, you are betting 10 to his 9 (he´s got a 1 point hedge),true odds for predicting the outcome 3 times on the bounce ( treble ) would be  2*2*2 =8.0 (Payback 100%),to gain a hedge a typical bookmaker would offer 1.9*1.9*1.9 = 6.86 (Payback 85.8%),success for a punter would be finding favorable odds such has 2.1*2.1*2.1= 9.26 (payback 115.75%).it´s your job to turn the odds in your favor,multiplying bookmakers mistakes should turn into big profits,i can tell you that we used to bet 40K - 50K per week using this method ( system bets such has 3 or 4 from 5 ) on the German high street with naive bookmakers,our return over three seasons was +18.5% !

4. Another question we often get asked is whether a ticket should cashed in before the final game takes place,William Hill offered one such punter 116.80 when he had 180.90 running on the last match,that equates to a buyout of 64.6%.Anyone even contemplating to take such an offer should stop betting,it´s not for you -- Do not allow Bookmakers to gain an upper hand through theft!!!

5. When should you follow our free betting tips (sport)?,paying subscribers receive our bets at the same time we make them on behalf of our syndicate,that means they are assured of the same odds,we have a strike rate of beating the market on 82% of occasions,take this on board before betting and never take vastly reduced odds,also,consider going into the 1X2 market if you are still allowed, more bookmakers means more choice!

6.Learn how to compare Asian Handicap odds with the standard 1X2 offer,you can get more out of the game once you realize that betting lines such has +0.25 are the same has splitting your bet, in this case, half the stake would be placed on draw no bet whilst the other half would be +0.5, often known has double chance. Learn to bet clever.We would recommend you look up Asian handicap betting in our tutorial section!

7.Betting early equates to wagering on the futures market,you are trying to second guess the starting 11 and any other contingencies that might effect the match,these could be things like the weather or any back room scenes that might be going on, to see how you are doing compre the odds you took to the ones that where available at kick-off time!

8.If you are new to the game any bookmaker will take your action,if you start winning on a regular basis,the reality is that bookmakers will limit or close your betting accounts,when you get to the stage of being well known professionals (like us),only the real Asian h´cap Bookmakers will lay your bets. Know and understand your bookmakers,what´s possible and what not!!

9.The next is a no brainer,always look for the best odds available,use a betting agent such has our betting partner ,they can offer leading Asian h´cap bookmakers from a single wallet.It´s a massive advantage being able to access so many bookmakers from one single account,move monies between bookmakers takes minutes and all the choice equals reduced juice!

10. Stay informed,before betting always look for any recent updates (team news),if odds are changing ask yourself why and look for the reason.Our job is to stay ahead of the bookmakers and other punters come to that.In Asia the betting markets are driven by weight of money,take into consideration that people often follow trends,supporting dropping odds can be a quick route to the poor house!

If you are a professional gambler or high staking individual you should consider going our subscription service,we have achieved 130 points in profit (5 months).Our club members and subscribers are enjoying a bank increase of 52%!

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