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Betting syndicates come in all forms and sizes,some are ultra slick in that they employ highly educated mathematicians in the role of quantitative analysts,they in turn build algorithmic predictive sports betting modules that are meant to find an hedge,companies such has and operate with 100´s of employees,job descriptions include quantitative and qualitative analysts, football watchers,freelance sports analysts,bet-placers,game watchers,technicians.programmers,system support engineers,data managers and software developers,these syndicates are sophisticated operators and they need to be has they have massive overheads!

Whilst most betting syndicates have a strong focus on football others will look to other sports,tennis trading has become very popular,American sports such has NFL, NHL and NBA are high volume sports with plenty of data available,if you can stretch your memory back to Zeljko Ranogajec and David Walsh they made fortunes from betting horses,their whole system was built around rebates,by getting 10% they could afford to lose on the actual bet,they made multi millions from their endeavors,however,not all betting syndicate are so sophisticated,if we look up the term in a dictionary we will see a simplified description,a betting syndicate is a collection of sports bettors who pool together bets for the benefit of creating an advantage!

Point of consumption tax

So why are betting syndicates leaving the UK?

Up until recently professional bettors had resided in the UK for good reason,first and foremost was the financial advantage,people in the UK do not pay taxes on winnings,other considerations include many syndicate owners are British ( like me ),furthermore,betting is part of our culture and until recently we where not limited by law,much of that has changed since the introduction of the POC! 

The UK government recently (1.November) introduced legislation that required anyone taking bets from UK residents to be licensed locally,whilst the authorities claim the change was made to safeguard society we all know the real reason,the repatriation of valuable gaming taxes,the UK gambling commission has been entrusted with processing license applications,value operators such has Pinnaclesports,SBO,IBC and many others decided against applying for a UK license,the knock on effect,syndicates and professional gamblers have no alternative but to move location!

Professional gamblers/syndicates/funds

You might have noticed that several weeks back we released an article headed, don´t worry about Pinnacle,SBO or the UK regulator, their is a way around it!

It caused quite a stare,one of the board members of SBO contacted us to say he would report us to the UK and Isle of Man gambling commission if we didn´t have a satisfactory explanation,Pinnacle where another company that asked us to explain what we meant,albeit in a nicer way,it appears that we upset a lot of people but for no obvious reason,everything we do is legal,we would never leave ourselves open to any charge or litigation,our advice is simple,if the UK don´t want you,move to the Isle of Man or Guernsey where it´s legal,in fact,their are an whole host of countries who will welcome you!

Where there is a will there is a way!


SBO and Pinnacle will hardly miss the UK,the reason for that is obvious,they make very little money from sharps,margins in the UK are much lower than in Asia since only professionals use such bookmakers,it´s very different in Asia where the mass bet with value offering bookmakers,Dafabet are said to clear over $10 million a month from China, UK leisure gamblers prefer William Hill, Ladbrokes, Corals and Bet365,these bookmakers are useless for professionals,they wouldn´t entertain winners!